Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder, 99.8% Purity (Pharma Grade And Lab Tested)

We are offering Acetyl fentany Powder, 99.8% Purity (Pharmaceutical Grade and Lab Tested) and Premium Qualitya


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The drug was first synthesized in the late 60s but has been increasingly available around 2010. Acetyl Fentanyl has been associated with deaths. Buy Acetyl Fentanyl Powder now

Acetyl Fentanyl is also available in street name white china. You might encounter other familiar names such as Hydrochloride as well.  The drug goes for around 350-13500 dollars.

You can buy acetyl Fentanyl powder online easily. It is a mu-opioid receptor agonist (EC50 = 676 nM in vitro) with receptor binding characteristics similar to that of morphine. It is famous for processing impurity in the opioid analgesic, Fentanyl (EC50 ~30 nM) synthesis.

Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

Acetyl Fentanyl Powder

People can remotely refer to Acetyl fentanyl as a chemical derivative of Acetanilide. These two compounds are by no way synonymous. Acetanilide has its different history as a severe analgesic that eventually led to the acetaminophen discovery. Acetanilide, N-1-Phenethyl-4-Piperidyl also known as Acetyl Fentanyl can indicate to the ordinary person that their possible terms exist for the same compound (due to the comma after Acetanilide). The product is a qualified Reference Material (RM) manufactured and tested to satisfy Guide 34 and ISO17025 guidelines. These items are checked using validated analytical ways on adequate instrumentation to make sure the measurements can be traced.



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